1. Do you want to...

  2. Bullet Develop a shared vision?

  3. Merge companies or departments?

  4. Transform the "me/you" to " us?"

  5. Increase teamwork and optimism?

  6. Develop team confidence?

  7. Bring everyone into the planning?

  8. Easily come to consensus?

Other reasons to have a facilitator


Retreat & Meeting

WE Facilitate

Strategic Planning

Establish mission, values, vision, goals, next steps


Generate and prioritize product, service, marketing and project ideas

Mergers & Team Development:

Bring your new team together to find common ground

Retreats & Advances

Build your team through planning, making decisions, and generating solutions


“The tools and methodology that Bruce of IdeaGuides uses are very effective. He brings everyone into the process and helps drive the discussion to a consensus. Bruce is easy to work with, professional in his approach and an excellent communicator.”

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